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Tankless water heaters can be the ideal solution for various hot water demand situations.

Tankless water heaters are an option that some people swear by and others avoid. The key is understanding what they can and cannot do, so you choose whether or not to go this route with all the information in hand. At Clarksburg Contractors, we often recommend going with a tankless model over a standard water heater when that is what best meets our customers’ objectives.

Tankless Water Heaters in The Blue Mountains, Ontario

One situation that is perfect for tankless water heaters is when there isn’t space for a large tank. If your family has hot water demands that would surpass that of a traditional water heater, going with a tankless one makes a lot of sense. Tankless water heaters can also be a great option as a secondary water heater, such as when a floorplan has the kitchen far from the bedrooms, so one or the other would have to use an excessive amount of water to pull the hot water from the tank. You’ll also find that tankless water heaters are great for guest cottages, vacation homes, and tiny homes in The Blue Mountains, Ontario area.

We are happy to assess your situation and address all your questions about tankless water heaters, so you’ll know what to expect and can make an informed decision. Should you decide to proceed, our technicians will meticulously install the water heater for you and ensure it is operating as it should. We can also service tankless water heaters, so if you have one that isn’t performing as expected, let us know and we’ll get it working properly again.

At Clarksburg Contractors, we install and repair tankless water heaters in Heathcote, Thornbury, Markdale, Collingwood, Meaford, Wasaga Beach, Stayner, and The Blue Mountains, Ontario.