Why Mid-Winter is a Good Time for Furnace Maintenance

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Most people like to enjoy the peace of mind and improved energy efficiency that is achieved by having furnace maintenance done before winter begins. If you didn’t have it done, you might wonder if it makes sense to do it mid-winter. The answer is yes! There are still a few weeks left where you’ll be running your furnace.

Why Mid-Winter is a Good Time for Furnace Maintenance

There are also situations in which you might want mid-winter furnace maintenance even if you had it done in the fall. If any of the following apply, it is a good idea to have your furnace serviced:

  • Odd noises
  • Cycles constantly
  • Inconsistent warmth
  • Cold and hot areas
  • Air isn’t blowing very warm
  • Received a power bill higher than you expected
  • Unusual odors

Another reason to schedule mid-winter furnace maintenance is if you just moved into a new home and you do not know when it was last serviced. It is better to have maintenance done more often than necessary than it is to skip it.

Reach out to us at Clarksburg Contractors if you have questions or would like to schedule furnace maintenance at your home in The Blue Mountains, Ontario area. We’ll give your furnace a bit of late winter love so you can have peace of mind it will continue to provide comfort efficiently till spring.