Why are Air Conditioners Needed for
Northern Climates?

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It can be challenging for those who experience stifling hot summer days to understand that someplace that averages temperatures below 60°C (79°F), such as The Blue Mountains, Ontario area, would have a need for air conditioners. The reality is that averages don’t tell the whole picture. This area, for example, has seen occasional and record highs that are far from comfortable. While you could perhaps do without air conditioners if you don’t mind a few days here and there that your home became too warm, there are other reasons why you probably want to have an air-conditioned home.

Why are Air Conditioners Needed for Northern Climates?

One reason is that air conditioners do more than control temperature. They also control humidity. While Ontario doesn’t face the high relative humidity levels that some areas of the world do, it can still feel pretty muggy during the summer months, especially in August when 20% to 25% humidity is common. For optimal comfort, you may want to run your air conditioner at various points during the summer. Air conditioners are also effective for improving indoor air quality.

Having an HVAC system with both heating and air conditioning is expected. Properties that lack air conditioners are less likely to sell easily than those that do have them. They also won’t fetch a higher selling price. If resale value is important to you, be sure to have an air conditioner and keep it in top condition.

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