Three Reasons More People Want In-Home Electrical Vehicle Chargers

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You’ve joined the electric vehicle movement, but charging your car with the level-1 cord takes too long. Finding a charging station is not as convenient as you thought. More and more people are adding stand-alone, level-2 (240-volt) electric vehicle chargers to their homes.

Three Reasons More People Want In-Home Electrical Vehicle Chargers

Here are three reasons you might want to consider adding one to yours:

  1. Convenience over cost. About 80% of EV drivers charge their vehicle at home, usually overnight – the way most people charge their cell phones. While there is an initial cost to install electric vehicle chargers, the ease of having one is more valuable. You won’t have to drive to find one and wait while the car is charging.
  2. Peace of mind. Imagine having fumes in your gas tank and hoping you’ll make it to a gas station, only to find the price is higher than expected. With in-home Level 2 electric vehicle chargers, you can have peace of mind that your car is always ready to go. Depending on your car’s battery, you can go about 250 miles on a charge. In addition, you won’t pay any markups from businesses that have EV chargers for public use.
  3. A boost for property values. Homeowners who have added one already know that electric vehicle chargers can boost the marketability of their homes. People who own rental property can also take advantage of the fact that an EV charger will attract tenants to your investment.

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