Is it Time for a Fireplace Repair? Three Signs it Could Be

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There’s nothing as cozy and comforting on a chilly winter day as a fire crackling in the fireplace. But as with other heat sources in your home, your fireplace will eventually need repairs. If you don’t fix problems immediately, you risk having them become even more significant problems and creating a safety hazard.

Is it Time for a Fireplace Repair? Three Signs it Could Be

There are apparent problems, such as smoke filling your home or the smell of natural gas, that indicate a fireplace repair is needed. However, these three signs may be less noticeable.

  1. You see cracks. There could be cracks in the mantel, the fireplace itself, or the walls around your fireplace. These are all warning signs of other potential problems and that a fireplace repair is likely needed. Fireplace cracks are serious fire hazards, so you should repair them as soon as possible.
  2. Shaling is occurring. Shaling is visible flaking, chipping away, or corrosion of the masonry surface. You might see efflorescence, a white powder on bricks, mortar, or stone that forms when moisture evaporates. Shaling can lead to bricks crumbling or falling out.
  3. The pilot light does not stay lit. This last sign applies to gas fireplaces. A part called a thermocouple keeps the gas flowing to the pilot light only if combustion occurs. If your pilot light keeps going out, the thermocouple is likely to blame. Our skilled technicians can check that all wires and tubing are correctly connected or install a new thermocouple.

If you are experiencing fireplace issues, contact us to schedule your fireplace repair as soon as possible.