Get Ready for Summer with These Outdoor Lighting Ideas

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Summertime in The Blue Mountains is a great time to be outside, and you can extend your time out when you add outdoor lighting to your yard. At Clarksburg Contractors, our skilled electricians can help you create an outdoor living area or entertainment space that you’ll love.

Get Ready for Summer with These Outdoor Lighting Ideas

Here are a few ideas for getting ready for summer with outdoor lighting:

  • Dine Under the Lights- An outdoor dining area is magical when the outdoor lighting is just right. A warm glow makes it easy to see your dinner guests and adds a beautiful backdrop to the meal. Add downlights high up in the surrounding trees. This type of lighting simulates moonlight. You can also add recessed lighting to a steel pergola or deck.
  • Elevate Your Living Area- If you have an existing outdoor living space, you’ve probably invested in comfortable furniture, a fire pit, and other décor items. Accentuate the feel of the area with lighting. We can create a cozy outdoor “room” with thoughtfully placed outdoor lighting options such as string lights. Light up your firepit with under-cap lighting or create a lit path to the firepit.
  • Leave Outdoor Lighting Installation to the Pros- When a project involves live wires or highly conductive materials, call our experienced electricians. We can assess your electrical system and determine the safest way to add lighting to your outdoor space. Installing lighting outdoors is complicated because it depends on weather and conditions.

Outdoor lighting usually involves installing new wiring systems where no wiring existed before. We offer dependable, skilled, and affordable lighting installation and repair. Contact us today to discuss your home lighting project.