Free Yourself From Fossil Fuels with Our Electric Vehicle Chargers

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Here at Clarksburg Contractors, we understand there are many reasons to want to switch to an electric vehicle, from a desire to help reduce climate change to a simple wish to save money on gas. On the flip side, there are also several reasons why people hold back from purchasing electric vehicles, with one of the biggest obstacles being a worry about the logistics of charging it.

Free Yourself From Fossil Fuels with Our Electric Vehicle Chargers

Fortunately, our team is here to make that transition a little easier with our electric vehicle chargers and installation services. In this article, we’ll go over more about our chargers to encourage you to take this step and free yourself from fossil fuels.

•  Types of Current- One thing that you should know about charging electric vehicles is that one of the challenges involved is converting AC electric current from the electrical grid into DC current that the battery can store. Some types of electrical vehicle chargers are designed to plug into standard wall outlets to draw AC current, which is then converted into DC current within the car’s mechanisms. Our electric vehicle chargers, on the other hand, are designed to convert the currents within the charger itself, which makes for faster charging times.

•  Types of Chargers- Another thing you should know about electric vehicle chargers is that they can be sorted into three levels. Level 1 chargers are the kind that plug into the wall, and they have the weakest current and take the longest to fully charge your battery, usually between 12 and 19 hours. Level 2 chargers offer more convenience, and they take about 4-6 hours to full charge your car battery. The strongest and fastest electric vehicle charger is the level 3 variety, which can fully charge your car in just 20 minutes.