Delaying Air Conditioner Maintenance Can Cost You

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As spring blooms, it may seem too soon to consider cooling your home, but this is a perfect time to schedule air conditioner maintenance. Delaying necessary maintenance can end up costing you your comfort and cash.

Delaying Air Conditioner Maintenance Can Cost You

At Clarksburg Contractors, we have performed thousands of maintenance and repair visits over the past 60 years. But we still hear from homeowners who would instead take their chances regarding the state of their AC.

Why get scheduled air conditioner maintenance?

  • Scheduled maintenance lets you know when repairs could come. When you wait until something breaks, it is usually unexpected, and you may not be able to get it serviced right away. Depending on the part, it may need to be ordered, which takes more time. In temperatures over 32 C, that can be an eternity. You might have to purchase fans, get a portable AC, or stay at a hotel.
  • Off-peak pricing saves you money. When your AC breaks during a heatwave, chances are you’re not the only one waiting for repairs. Getting repairs in high-demand parts of the year means you pay more because you might have to go to a company that charges more. Parts may be in high demand and end up costing you more.
  • Proper maintenance keeps your AC efficient. Good care can keep your AC running efficiently and keep energy bills low. It also extends the life of your air conditioner. Your vehicle requires scheduled maintenance, such as oil changes, transmission flushes, and new tires. It would be best if you gave your air conditioner the same level of care.

One of our skilled professionals can quickly examine your air conditioner and correct issues now. Contact us today to request an appointment.