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Clarksburg Contractors started 66 years ago, in 1954, as Clarksburg Hardware. As business grew, customers eventually started asking if the parts they bought could also be installed. A part-time employee was hired to perform this service for his customers. The business continued to grow and prosper, and in 1971, Clarksburg Hardware was sold, and Clarksburg Contractors was established.

About Clarksburg Contractors in The Blue Mountains, Ontario

During the sixties and early seventies, a large percentage of our customer base was farm-oriented. The customer base grew to include many commercial and residential accounts as the area began expanding and the ski industry brought a demand for more building. The business has diversified, in that it handles all aspects of commercial and residential heating, air conditioning, geothermal, generators, plumbing and electrical, and provides ongoing service. As The Blue Mountains, Ontario area continues to grow, we look forward to growing with it and maintaining our top-quality services.