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The Clarksburg Contractors story: Over 62 years of integrity, expertise and diversified growth.

Image - 1Clarksburg Contractors, Ltd. began as Clarksburg Hardware. In 1954, Gerald Abercrombie purchased this downtown Clarksburg business, which sold hardware items, plumbing and electrical supplies. As business grew, customers eventually started asking if the parts they bought could also be installed. With this, Mr. Abercrombie hired his first part-time employee to perform this service for his customers. The business continued to grow and prosper and in 1971, Clarksburg Hardware was sold and Clarksburg Contractors was established in a building across the street.

During the sixties and early seventies, a large percentage of our customer base was farm-oriented. Clarksburg Contractors provided water and power to barns that enabled farmers to purchase electric farm equipment such as stable cleaners, silo unloaders, milk houses, etc. The customer base grew to include a large number of commercial and residential accounts as factories moved into the area and the expanding ski industry brought a demand for more building. The business has diversified, in that it handles all aspects of customers' heating, air conditioning, geothermal, generator, plumbing and electrical needs and provides ongoing service.

We are now a proud member of the Mill Street & Co. group of companies. One of Canada’s most prominent and growing building services group of professionals. We still maintain large residential, commercial and industrial bases. We place high value on honesty and integrity in business. In recent years, The Blue Mountains Chamber of Commerce has honored Clarksburg Contractors with a Business of the Year award, and the Enterprise Bulletin gave Clarksburg Contractors its People's Choice Award.

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